MAQAO is developped jointly by University of Versailles St Quentin (where it originated) and Exascale Computing Research Lab.

MAQAO has been used and supported through a number of research contracts and collaborations.

In projects supported by the French pole of competitiveness System@tic:

  • FAME2 (2006-2008) A new generation of servers for high performance computing and data centers.
  • POPS (2007-2009) PetaOperations par secondes
  • OPSIM (2008-2010) Optimisation de simulations pour la conception

In projects supported by the French NSF (ANR):

  • PARA (2007-2009): Parall√©lisme et Am√©lioration du Rendement des Applications. See the poster for a summary of the contributions of the project.
  • ProHMPT (2009-2011): Programming Heterogeneous MultiProcessor Technologies

In project supported by ITEA-2 European funding:

  • ParMA: (2007-2010) parma.png Parallel Programming for the Multi-core Architectures
  • H4H: (2010-2014) Hybrid for Heterogeneous
  • COLOC (2014-2017) The COncurrency and LOcality Challenge